Postdoctoral fellowship opportunities in the Vasculomorph network are available. 

Inquiries for research, reagents and collaboration may be directed to individual investigators laboratories.

For administrative concerns, please contact

American Network Coordinator
Kenneth D. Bloch, M.D.
William T. G. Morton Professor of Anesthesia and Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Anesthesia Center for Critical Care Research
Cardiovascular Research Center
Massachusetts General Hospital, Jackson 4
55 Fruit Street
Boston, MA USA 02114
Telephone: 617 724-9540
Fax: 617 643-5767

European Network Coordinator
Nicholas W. Morrell MD FRCP
British Heart Foundation Professor of Cardiopulmonary Medicine
Department of Medicine
University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine
Box 157, Addenbrooke’s Hospital
Hills Road
Cambridge CB2 0QQ UK
Telephone: 01223 762007
Fax: 01223 762007